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    I spent 5 years in the real estate trenches. Started this blog to help jump start my biz at that time. Over time, this work has morphed into something larger than that.

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After 5 years getting myself entrenched in the housing industry, I decided to move on. I am still going to keep this blog. However, I got myself started a new biz in the space of sustainability, community and social media. Helping businesses not only to get found online by also to build, nurture, and manage the relationships. Building community. Getting connected customers, who are interested. And more. My new gig is at Connect with me on Twitter @ecotwist.

A bit history of how I got started with this blog

I spent 10+ years in financial services industry before switching to real estate. After spending a good time traveling on the road for business, I decided to switch career to real estate. That was in 2004. That was also the year, I got sucked in into doing political activism first, Howard Dean for President campaign, then later morphed into congressional and local races.

Between doing political stuff and taking real estate classes, one thing good came out of these things is blogging. I learned at the time, through Howard Dean campaign, he was the first candidate who used blogging platform as a way to build the community. So, after I got my license, I got into thinking 'hmm. I can do the same.' Not running for a political office, but use blogging. That's how I ended up blogging about real estate. It was not easy the first time. But, I did it anyway. I remember one of the higher up in my office told me that I needed someone to edit my posts. Are you kidding me? If I waited till all the lights are green, I would never have got started with this blogging project! That's just so not me..

My intention to create this blog is to share stories, lessons learned from working the trenches, and somewhere in between. Plus, there's a lot of good stuff out there on the Internet that I could share with people.

So, that's my story...

Got tips, comments, questions.. or can I help you? Drop me a line to dewitahs [AT] gmail [DOT] com

For the purpose of full disclosure: I am a referral associate with Weichert Realtors, N.J. Call or email me for best agent/s in the area. It's a free service.

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