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norma rood

This is a lovely place, however, my mother is interested in the 205 Yoakum Pkwy area of the Watergate condominiums.

Also, does one have to pay taxes on their retirement salary in the state of Virginia???


currently live in bldg #3? what are you asking monthly?

condo in Philippines

WOW! I love the photos so lovely. You can rest fast while you are seeing in front of your windows. What a peaceful mind you've got in here. Great masterpiece.

Deirdre G

Tile Flooring

This looks like a fabulous unit, I wonder if its still available? I'd be interested if it were.

House Rent Wirral

What is the monthly rent on this?

Flooring boards and tile flooring

This is pretty interesting… I hope you don’t mind if I write about it on my blog and link back to you?



online shopping

Amazing photos and it looks so amazing

hardwood flooring tampa bay

That flooring looks really sweet! A great place to own for sure. Nice!

Clint Rowley

Absolutely! Those hardwood floors definitely give it a great look and feel.

Chuck Derouen

Not only do the floors look great but the cabinets have a nice finish on them as well. It adds a little touch of luxury.

tampa felony lawyer

It surely is grand to own a home like that in such progressive and wonderful location. Worth spending at all!

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